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In 2012, while developing other ways to drink wine, The Magic Dream Line became the worldwide pioneer of a new beverage category: The Fantasy Drinks with magic effect. The Magic Dream Line is magic, fantasy, fun, celebration, but above all it is a Dream. The Magic Dream Line is created for dreamers, optimistic, innovative, and fun people who know that there is nothing more important when opening a bottle than to get a smile and a sparkle in the eyes of the people with whom they share it. To be alive is to have dreams. Dreams are on The Magic Dream Line. Share them with the people you love the most.

Feel Free. Happy Blue
Blu Giovello was created with the aim of combining the freshness of elegant and fragrant wines with the seduction of unconventional colours and shapes, light and carefree like a dragonfly in flight. Blu refers to its origin: Italy, represented by the blue of its sky and of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Giovello comes from the combination of the Italian words Giovane (young) and Bello (beautiful). The dragonfly in flight is a symbol of harmony and prosperity.

HT L. Consulting Services is based in Canada and specialized in logistics software implementation aiming at transforming your supply chain and optimize your operations. It provides project management resources and expertise in software development lifecycle. Its services to clients across North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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