misarl investments


We believe in Investments as the lever for our expansion, development, and sustainability. Embracing new opportunities through investing is what defines us.

We are always eager to enter new business and looking for partners and prospects in local and international markets. We dedicate the resources and human capital with the expectation of generating gains.

Whether to start a new activity and looking for sponsorship, joint-venture, or any type of investment; bring your innovating idea and let us discuss if we find common interest to work together.

Areas of Interest

Project & Innovation

We are thrilled by creating and attracting new business opportunities. We encourage innovation; hence we support starters or existing organizations to make their dreams a reality and develop promising activities. We propose different investments models and agreements depending on the needs:

• Project sponsorship
• Acquisition
• Joint-Partnership
• Lending
• Foreign investments


Agriculture feeds the world and the demand for food keeps increasing. Agribusiness encompasses the economic sectors for farming and farming-related commerce. It involves all the steps for getting agricultural goods to the market, including production, processing, and distribution. Our contribution to this sector involves:

• Agriculture and Agri-food
• Agri-logistics
• Agri-tech
• Agri-Transformation

Real Estate

With Population growth, the need for housing is also growing and will not stop in a near future; thus, properties market offers a long-term profitable return on investment. This area is of great interest to us, and we are engaged in the following:

• Allotment
• Construction
• Properties Acquisition (Local and International)
• Revenue Properties


Industrialization has been instrumental in the economic development of the world. Industrial development unleashes dynamic and competitive economic performance which generates income and employment, facilitates international trade, and increases resource efficiency, and is thus a major driver of poverty alleviation and shared prosperity. We want to be a partner of development in these fields:

• Mining
• Fishing
• Manufacturing
• Service

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